About Us

TrendAI provides a content platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to discover and recommend viral trends in real-time across social networks and news media. Emerging trends encompass topics, contents, photos, videos and influencers targeted to your interests, and personalized to your experience on TrendAI as well as across social media.

You can discover and connect with other users and businesses sharing common interests. You can discover and track contents that go viral across all your interests or by specific topics and subtopics. You can monitor virality of social topics in real time and draw comparison between topics, interests, influencers, hashtags, or keywords.

Worldwide marketers leverage TrendAI to optimize content marketing by predicting trending topics and contents to engage with audience. Businesses can manage social reputation by uncovering and preempting negative sentiment toward their brands. Agencies optimize influencer marketing via detecting and engaging with key influencers to amplify their brand awareness across social networks and news media.

Users and businesses discover, connect, and engage with others and audience targeted by common interests in trending topics and contents. Media buying can be optimized by uncovering emerging trending topics, contents, or influencers in order to target your ad spend to the right audience at the right time. Businesses conduct market research via surfacing and tracking emerging trends or brand sentiment ahead of time.